But Starkey also said: "The notion of public service has effectively been abandoned. Every political party now buys into business values, and into the notion that by definition business must run things more efficiently." What's left, he argues, is a moral vacuum - and a position for Prince Charles to step into, if he so wishes.
Starkey's support for Charles comes from a sense of what he has achieved, and might yet achieve. Charles is intellectually curious, he says; well read, a good speechmaker, an "excellent father", and willing to tear up the Windsor rulebook when it gets in the way.
"Now there is a moral vacuum left by the sellout of the state to business interests, will King Charles step into the breach? ... Something new is required. Altruism, neighbourliness, the fruits of the spirit, are as important as ever. Who will speak up for them, if not the crown?"

Therefore I join Starkey in thinking that King Charles will be an excellent king - the right man for his time.

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Published on December 22, 2007 11:35 PM.

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