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Now that I have the new blog working, I can talk about last weekend and put up a few pictures. You'll remember that it was 95 degrees and very humid -- a lovely NYC August weekend. If we hadn't had visitors, I would not have left my a/c-blessed apartment at all. I would have ordered in everything, including ice cream. But we did have visitors -- two sets!

The first set was my friend David from high school, visiting from Chicago -- a fellow "band fag" -- and his friend Stacy (a charming Atlanta girl). Here is a picture of David wilting in a subway station. That orange blur on the left is James jumping out of the way to prevent having his picture taken.

Let's just say David has grown up a bit since I knew him in high school, and I mean that in the best possible way. He was two classes behind me, and I think I was probably about 5'7" or 5'8" during my senior year. David was smaller. Now we're about the same height, but he works out more than I and is "hunkier".

He looked me up via Google using my real name about six months ago, and sent me an email. He was thrilled to find out that the moniker of "band fag" was truer for both of us than it was for many of the other nerdy band people. It was somewhat strange to be two homos in NYC, chatting about the world, 18 years after we last saw each other in a backward little town in Arkansas.

We went to Big Cup to eat lunch before heading uptown to the Eakins show at the Met -- which I highly recommend. Big Cup managed to surprise me, as if often does. I didn't see Edmund White there this time, but there were two men at the next table discussing the recent news that the U.S. won't be increasing Egypt's foreign aid because of their persecution of a democracy activist. One of them mentioned (I didn't put this in my post), that Bush couldn't be bothered to say anything when Egypt tried and jailed a large number of men for homosexuality. Foreign aid discussions at Big Cup!

Our other visitors for the weekend were James's nephew Paul and his girlfriend Elizabeth, visiting from DC. She was fabulous. Imagine a family member dating someone who can chat about Donald Judd, British explorers in Antarctica, and is incredibly beautiful as well! I was ready for her to move in with us. We spent some time walking around downtown near Ground Zero, had lunch along the water at Southwest, and visited the Irish Hunger Memorial. I hadn't realized that it talked about hunger on a more global level, and doesn't just concentrate on the Irish Potato Famine alone. There are even quotes from reports on starvation in Afghanistan in 2001 (before 9/11). It's an interesting piece of architecture, including the ruins of a stone cottage brought over from Ireland. I love the provenance of the cottage: it belonged to the family of the memorial designer's (gay) partner. Elizabeth took a couple of pictures of us with Paul, so unfortunately she's not in these:

I'll add a vacation photo of her and Paul for the curious:

Yes, he dresses like an engineer. But he's brilliant and speaks more languages than you do.

OK. I'm done for now with the new and improved version. The more artistically-minded of you will notice the color scheme -- it's based on Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue (1921). I examined the RGB values from the image.

The blogrolling thing on the right isn't always accurate about whether a blog has been updated recently. It's because some programs (including the one that james is using) fail to send a "Last-Modified" header. So don't yell at me if your entry is wrong.

Not really new, but it's new to me. I love it!

Forbes has released its second annual survey of Richest Deceased Celebrities.

Send me presents! It's Lefthanders' Day!

Passive Smoke Could Kill Kitty

Scientists have come up with yet another possible reason that smokers -- at least cat-loving smokers -- should kick the habit: Secondhand smoke may give cats a form of feline lymphoma.

Elizabeth Bertone of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and colleagues studied 184 cats that were treated for lymphoma or liver failure. Those exposed to any kind of tobacco smoke had more than double the risk of developing lymphoma, the most common cancer in cats. The longer they were exposed, the greater the risk, the researchers found.

Several recent studies have suggested that people who smoke cigarettes may face an increased risk of developing non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and that children of smokers may face an increased risk.

"These findings suggest that passive smoking may increase the risk of lymphoma in cats and suggests that further study of this relationship in humans is warranted," the researchers wrote in the Aug. 1 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology.

I find great satisfaction in this: Charlton Heston has Alzheimer's.

From tonight's West meets East gathering:


jhames and webdaddy

brian and dan'l

I didn't get a picture of him, but I did meet the lovely and talented mr. swill.

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