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We're leaving today for Germany and Austria -- Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, and points in between. I may or may not post while I'm there.

On the off chance that anyone here is a fellow geek attending YAPC Europe, that's what I'm doing in Munich, so send me an email if you're going to be there.

I give you this amusing post from to entertain you a little while I'm gone -- his anchors don't work, so go to August 13. I found his site while looking at fray.

From Salon's new blogs, I bring you the reverse cowgirl's blog -- wherein a writer attempts to justify the enormity of her porn collection. So far it's a bit more work safe than bj's site, but we'll see. Any woman who calls Andrew Sullivan "the screechingest right-wing-flapper homosexual since Roy Cohn" is a woman I want to know and buy presents for.

As the date approaches for my 3 weeks in Europe (leaving Sept. 9), I'm getting dull here on the blog because I'm rushing to finish stuff for my clients before I go. I realize I am all the way over at the blog end of the blog/journal continuum at the moment.

I will have a computer with me in Germany/Austria/etc., but I don't intend to spend much time online while I'm there. I will probably keep notes on the trip, but whether I will actually post them during that time is, as yet, undecided. Andy was sweet to suggest that I should post regularly while I'm there, and that he would like to read my "on the road" entries. I almost always take notes on trips, so we'll see.

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