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The NY Times Magazine has some wonderful essays this week, about people who died in 2002:

This is one of the best things I've ever read about gym culture, from The Economist's year-end issue.

An ad for lube:


Go wish James a happy birthday. I won't be posting much today -- off to get my hair cut and then lunch at Esca.

Nicole Kidman isn't the only fabulous woman in Australia.

The latest newsletter from Betty Bowers is out!

Some favorites:

Knowledge is not something our current President is fond of -- but he is fair about it, as he doesn't want the rest of us to have much of it either. As you probably know, President Bush has stood firm in his resolve to keep all potentially embarrassing information regarding 9/11 a secret. To ensure that the President is never hurt politically by the death of all those people in New York, he has appointed Henry Kissinger to chair any prying. With Mr. Kissinger's pedigree of nefarious skullduggery (such as overthrowing a democratic government in Chile that had a pesky habit of voting for people who were simply not our sort), Henry will go into the job with no naïve notions about the American people needing to know facts that might deflate their blind support of their president. Glory! For if there is one thing this administration would like more than strip mining Yellowstone, it is to keep secrets. Indeed, just last week, Mr. Ashcroft's office asked a court to seal all the records to a lawsuit involving poison in vaccinations, lest the litigation-crazy parents of dead children use the information to sue pharmaceutical companies. After all the money those wonderful companies gave the GOP, it was the least that the President could do. After all, dead children don't vote -- even in Florida!

Remember children, pregnancy and disease are caused by knowledge.

Betty presents religion in the news, also known as You make Jesus vomit.

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