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I have a few of my favorite charities, such as Housing Works, SAGE, and Hetrick-Martin, but I plan to look into the charities of Foolanthropy too.

Yum gargoyle

My comments have been turned off until I stop getting "sick fuck" and "people telling homosexuals that God doesn't approve are good people" posts on my Nov. 20 post.

I'll fix the archives so that you can see them when I get time, but I'm too busy with actual paying work at the moment.

Thanks, Otto, for the one amusing comment in the set.

I guess I should just be a good homo who only writes about stupid TV shows, Madonna, and sex.


This person is writing quite well on the subject at the moment. Check out this and that.

That's how I realized that The National Review is linking to James and that's how these wackos found our two sites. Creepy. We're being attacked in a magazine founded by someone who advocated mandatory tattoos for HIV+ people in a 1986 NY Times editorial.

For an article on credit cards and adult sites, the NY Times has a picture of the owner of an S&M site. I wonder which Times employee volunteered the site name for the article?

I thought Dan and others would appreciate this quote from the obituary of Brian Behan in today's NY Times:

His first play, "Boots for the Footless," which played at a London theater, was picketed by Irish groups objecting to what they considered its stereotypical portrayals of Irishmen as drunk and violent and Irish women as contradictory and conniving.

He was unrepentant. "I regard being stage-Irish as something of a trade like any other," he said. "It's something we Irish are particularly good at. After all, we have no other natural resource that I know of."

The latest from Mark Morford:

Let's go to Wal-Mart
Need cheese puffs and wine coolers
Damn, the house won't start

Question: If you find so much that is unworthy of reverence in the United States, why do you live here?

Answer: Why do men go to zoos?

This post is in honor of Chris:

Cornell University Health Services is currently debating whether to sell vibrators in their dispensary.

Many students feel it would be helpful for Gannett to have vibrators available because Cornell is located in Ithaca, not a major city.

"At this point, you either go online or go downtown to the sort of scary and not very woman-affirming place sex-shop downtown," Frazer said.

Some students agreed that access is important.

"I'm sure there are people who are dying to find vibrators and they don't know where to go, so Gannett, go ahead," Keith Hermanstyne '04 said.

Others took a more practical approach.

"I think one of the most important things is for women to be able to get themselves off. It's better than going to the sketchy shop downtown where they have to check the batteries for you," Sara Jacobs '05 said.

I was doing my online banking when I saw this in the right margin:


That's about what ours looks like.

The bird seems to like Bruckner

... but he really, really likes Golden Boy and Miss Kittin. He started whistling and singing after hearing her "rap".

This just flew into our apartment. Updates to follow.

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