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Rosso Gayardo: gay wine from Italy

Belgium legally recognizes gay marriage.

Günter Grass writes: No Beginning or End to War.

A campaign to target advertisers on Rush Limbaugh's radio show starts to get some media attention.

My kind of webcam: monkeys in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture.

Was Leonardo da Vinci a geek?

Norman Schwarzkopf wants to give peace a chance.

Giuliana: myth vs. reality

Man fired for blogging on the job.

Microsoft's own servers were hit with last week's worm because they hadn't installed security updates on all of their servers.

A celibate man in a dress says same-sex relationships are inauthentic families.

Ani DiFranco says: unauthorized duplication, while sometimes necessary, is never as good as the real thing.

An Israeli officer has been removed from his post for obstructing an air attack against the Palestinians.

According to the Israeli newspaper, Maariv, the military intelligence officer held back information "for reasons of conscience" because he believed the raid would harm civilians.

Jordanian King Abdallah would favorably consider an American request to extend the auspices of the monarchy over Iraq for a temporary period after the expected U.S.-led attack on Saddam Hussein's regime, if the Americans ask, according to senior political sources participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Funny. The standard Nigerian spam email has a new variation featuring the two George Bushes.

NY Press, a generally slimy paper, has a nice article on David Rees, creator of Get Your War On. The online version is missing the adorable picture of Mr. Rees, so pick up a paper copy.

Here is where to buy your "I'm changing the climate, ask me how" bumper stickers for tagging SUVs.

A walrus in San Diego gets ready for the Super Bowl with its toy football.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the U.S. is considering a Tactical Nuclear Strike on Iraq.

Bush's poll numbers continue to fall. The percentage that say they disapprove of the way he is doing his job is now 38%.

I don't think it's a parody site: JerseyGOP has a Republican Babes section including a former Playboy centerfold who says "I am incredibly conservative, I dress conservatively. I live conservatively. I have a very strong belief in God. I watch Rush Limbaugh on television."

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