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A bipartisan group of former United States Senators today announced its opposition to the Bush Administration's plans to invade Iraq.

No War Blog: Ari gets laughed out of the room -- C-SPAN has the video. You can hear a reporter say "Laughed off the stage" after Ari leaves.

Ari Fleischer is laughed off the stage by reporters when he says, "You're saying that the leaders of other nations are buyable. And that is not an acceptable proposition."

Kieran Healy has a Public Service Announcement that everyone should read.

A sherpa plans to create the world's highest internet cafe on Mt. Everest.

Go read Atrios's open letter to Salon

Good set of new photos up on Quarlo

Art Spiegelman on why he left the New Yorker -- good, but frankly I think comparing smoking restrictions with post 9/11 civil right abrogations is ludicrous

U.N. inspectors say tips from the U.S. are garbage.

Go read Uppity Negro on how bad American media has become.

Lynn Johnston, creator of one of my favorite comic strips, says it will end in a few years when her syndication contract is up.

Things to ponder about war with Iraq, from CalPundit.

I love Pandagon's new design.

A study says that open source code for operatings systems is of higher quality than that of closed source systems.

Michael Tomaski provides a good timeline on how we got to this point on Iraq.

I'm nine days late for this: new Get Your War On.

Lighten up! The war will be in someone else's country. -- Americans For War

Even though they can't play any of the music available through the music industry's "legit" music-distribution sites like PressPlay, iPods will be distributed to attendees at the Grammy Awards. [via Boing Boing]

GOP Senators threatened the GAO with a budget cut if it did not drop the lawsuit against Cheney to get him to reveal information about his energy panel.

James provides a photo of me, for those that are curious.

Is Israel today vis-a-vis the Palestinians the equivalent of 1938 Germany?

Is there a gay man on the Supreme Court?

Ann Telnaes cartoon - yes the networks are all sheep.

Laura Bush says the media is just being irresponsible and needlessly scaring the public by reporting so much on terror news alerts.

Featured photo on Yahoo! Photos: gay couple with twins in Madison Park on East 23rd Street.

Code Pink and other feminist peace groups, including the Raging Grannies are making waves.

Go read on Thomas Struth.

Senior Democrats have accused the CIA of sabotaging weapons inspections in Iraq by refusing to co-operate fully with the UN and withholding crucial information about Saddam Hussein's arsenal.

The "orange" alert was likely based on fabricated information.

Go sign the open letter of and thanking our friends in Europe and asking them to stand in solidarity with us this weekend against the Bush administration's push to make war on Iraq.

57 percent of Germans polled agree with the statement: "The United States is a nation of warmongers." Any time's a good time for a photograph

L.A. Weekly has an article on David "Get Your War On" Rees, including a nice photo.

Saudis plan to end U.S. presence after Iraq?

The U.S. plans for the use of biochemical weapons in Iraq. Apparently we're allowed to gas Iraqis, but Saddam Hussein isn't. [Link via atrios]

Sarajevo prepares a plaque and a museum on the assassination that started WWI.


Great essay by Tom Moody on the K48 show

Go read Jimmy Breslin on the city's refusal to grant a permit for the Feb. 15 anti-war rally.

Simon Callow reviews Richard Barrios's history of gay men and women in the movies, Screened Out.

From the Village Voice: A Harper's Index-style listing of facts on Iraq.

Rumsfeld, appearing before a Congressional hearing, compares Germany to Libya and Cuba for not supporting an attack on Iraq.

Dozens of big companies are backing the University of Michigan and its affirmative action policy before the Supreme Court, saying such programs help produce better workers of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Microsoft, Intel, American Airlines, Proctor & Gamble, Eastman Kodak and PepsiCo are among more than 40 Fortune 500 companies siding with the University of Michigan.

Great news! Coliseum Books will reopen across from the Public Library on Fifth Avenue in April.

More than one in five of the jobs lost nationwide over the past year were in New York City, according to the Center for an Urban Future, which says that the city accounts for only 2.8% of all jobs in the country.

Rep. Howard Coble, R-N.C., chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, said on a radio call-in program that he agreed with the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. There are some good posts on this over at David Neiwert, but I can't link directly because blogspot's archives are broken.

India and Iran unveil a new strategic partership, bringing hope for a new way towards stability in the region.

France is quietly preparing its military in case it decides to join the new Gulf war.

Two artists in Nacogdoches create their own memorial to the astronauts.

The reproduction of Picasso's "Guernica" at the United Nations has been covered up because it was an inappropriate background for the U.S. Ambassador to have while talking about war. See also: NY Times.

Much of the audience and presenters for the Goyas -- Spain's equivalent of the Oscars -- wore anti-war pins.

The British Ministry of Defense admits Iraqi water and sanitation systems could be military targets, which would result in a huge humanitarian crisis, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

A computer security expert says he's considering switching from Windows to Mac because Microsoft's security is so bad.

The Right Wing has been all in a tizzy over ANSWER sponsorhip of anti-war rallies. In short, the argument is that protesters are tacitly endorsing ANSWER's leninist ideology by attending those rallies.

Well, in that case, VP Cheney endorses the Confederate Flag and thinks Janet Reno is a child butcher. [Daily Kos]

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