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Here is an interesting link to a 2000 article in the Financial Times, courtesy of Mark Morford, about the fact that American companies like Halliburton and GE have continued to do business with Iraq through partners and subsidiaries.

A U.S. Special Forces bodyguard assigned to protect Afghan President Hamid Karzai speaks with colleagues after an assasination attempt on Karzai Thursday Sept. 5, 2002 in Kandahar.

Two more.

Talk about defining deviancy down! Palestinian suicide bombers have nail bombs, Israel has dart bombs.

Palestinian officials have condemned Israel's reported use of tank shells which are said to have sprayed thousands of metal darts at a target in Gaza, killing four Palestinian civilians.

Israeli media said the Israeli army confirmed it used flechettes in an operation near the Jewish settlement of Netzarim, south of Gaza City, on Thursday.

Palestinian medical officials said the victims were cut to shreds after being hit by the tiny metal darts, which are dispersed by a tank shell.

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