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My letter, and Mr. Marshall's response, regarding UNSCOM weapons inspectors, is featured on the front page of Salon today.

He chooses to ignore the fact that the weapons team had U.S. spies on it.

The BBC has a good summary of the timetable for the next steps, now that the Iraq resolution has passed.

From the London Times:

Attack Iran the day Iraq war ends, demands Sharon

ISRAEL’S Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has called on the international community to target Iran as soon as the imminent conflict with Iraq is complete.

In an interview with The Times , Mr Sharon insisted that Tehran — one of the “axis of evil” powers identified by President Bush — should be put under pressure “the day after” action against Baghdad ends because of its role as a “centre of world terror”.

Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, responds.

The Afghan Supreme Court has dismissed a female judge for not wearing an Islamic headscarf during a meeting with President Bush and his wife last month, government sources said on Saturday.

Marzeya Basil was among a group of 14 female government officials who attended computer and management courses in Washington at the invitation of the U.S. government and who met Bush and his wife, Laura.

To repeat myself: I don't want to keep hearing about how we bombed the hell out of an already crushed country because we cared about its women.

Despite a shortage of qualified Arabic linguists in the intelligence and defense fields, the Army has fired a significant number of trained language specialists from the military’s Defense Language Institute, or DLI, in Monterey, Calif., because they are gay.

Just trying to be fair by making sure people see this.

I have never argued that attacks on civilians are justifiable. I think it really lowers the world's view of the Palestinian struggle.

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