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Astrid Bowlby at BravinLee programs

Midden (installation detail), 2006
ink on cut paper

This is in a good group show called DRAW*ING (dro'ing) n.

I wrote about an installation the artist had in Gallery Joe's room at Scope in March 2005.

Here are two painting highlights from Twist It Twice, curated by Franklin Evans, at Moti Hasson. These were on either side of one corner of the room.

Wendy White

Wendy White
Faintly with Rays, 2006
acrylic and spray paint on canvas
24 × 46 1/2 inches

The artist has a solo show coming up at Sixtyseven, and is in a group show at a new LES gallery called V&A.


Paul Pagk
untitled, 2005
oil on linen
24 × 25 inches

[bottom photo from Moti Hasson's website, top one by me]

James Hopkins at James Cohan Gallery

James Hopkins, Consumption and Consequence, 2006

This was one of my favorite pieces in a smart group show at James Cohan Gallery titled A Brighter Day.

Related: Click opera on shelves and art. While you're there, check out his excellent post on the White House's purposefully middlebrow (at best) graphic design. It's dirt style without the irony!

Michael Salter, Styrobots at Jeff Bailey Gallery

Michael Salter, Styrobots, 2006
Styrofoam packing materials, glue

This comes from a show at Jeff Bailey Gallery titled Men and Materials, described as

combining everyday objects, vintage and new, coveted and discarded, craft and fine art materials

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