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Kiki and Herb at the Knitting Factory

Kiki and Herb at the Knitting Factory

Earlier in the evening we (James and I -- he has more photos) saw Kiki and Herb at the Knitting Factory with Glenn, Dan and a few of their friends. Oh my heavens! Why didn't someone drag me to see them earlier? I LOVE THEM.

As I told Glenn, I think our drag sisters have MUCH better politics than the gay community in general. They can't really buy into the "but if I act like a straight white middle class male I'll be OK" version of gay politics. (I thought about linking Andrew Sullivan in that sentence, but I couldn't bring myself to sully my web site with a link to that miserable excuse for a pundit.)

Where to begin? As Dan said, it's certainly not what comes to mind when one says "drag act" -- it's much more of a brilliant piece of theatre by two very talented people. Kiki's politics are great, and political theatre that works is my favorite thing in the world. She hit on 9/11, the idiocy of Bush, his illegitimacy, our obsessions with kidnapped children, and probably some things I didn't even catch in the whirling chaos that is Kiki and Herb.

Favorite excerpts included:

Shitty things happen sometimes, but that's not an excuse to do more shitty things.

After a song in which she says she's tired of crying for victims of this or that, she says: because crying doesn't change anything.

After she talked about the shitty things that happen in the world, and about the idiot that passes for our President, and received a lot of applause, she said she was glad to hear that she's not alone, and when they round all of us up, she's glad she will be with people like us at Guantanamo.

The opening act, of whom I had also heard, but never seen, was The Wau Wau Sisters. They ROCKED. I feel like such a scrawny wimp -- they both had bods of death. They gave us rockin' songs, hilarious repartee, and acrobatics! We bought the CD!

Heard on the way out of the Knitting Factory, from an Ani di Franco-type young woman: "I'm wearing my new sweatshop free panties!"

I just love this story. His drag name is "Alexis Love".

Andy organized a get-together last night in honor of Keith visit from L.A. Also representing the left coast was the adorable Jessie. There were lots of attractive and smart boys there -- no girls at all even though some were invited.

I finally got a chance to talk with Dan. He's a charming and smart guy -- we talked about everything from ex-pat job opportunities in Europe to Benjamin Britten. Note to Dan: we should get together and listen to some CDs. I also listened to a discussion of font-geekitude between him and Chad.

The always squeezable Dan'l introduced me to a cool guy named John who runs the Streetwork project of Safe Horizon. The group was the beneficiary of Dan'l's recent blogathon. John just happened to be there to meet a friend, and isn't one of the blog-children, at least not yet. We talked for quite a while. He's sexy and reminds me of a classical musician I once met in South Beach at Warsaw. Top that boys! No circuit queens for me.

I also ran into Trick/Patrick of Morplay. I met him once before through Joe Ovelman, so we talked about Joe's art for a while. I'm a huge fan, and I think James and I are among Joe's most enthusiastic collectors. There is a Nerve gallery of Joe's work that's worth the hassle of registering.

Who else was there? I said hello to Sam and Scott, but we didn't really talk. I met Brian, who was wearing a t-shirt reminiscent of the playing-with-logo works of Daniel Pflumm.

James has a few photos on his site of the evening.

For those that are interested, someone just told me about the gaytheatre mailing list. There seem to be a number of NYers on the list.

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