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Remember my bitching about having to pay the full price for the Panther upgrade? My serial number has mysteriously started working on the up-to-date form, so I'm now getting it for $20. Interesting.

I hope my PowerBook comes back from the shop by then.


I have a new dedicated server at RackSpace for my art website hosting project.

My new PowerBook is already in the shop, so I'm back on a Windows desktop. The Airport Extreme card wasn't working properly.

It's no fun to have a wireless network in your apartment if you can't leave the room where the base station is located.


My new PowerBook arrived Monday, so I get to pay full price for the new Panther version of OS X.

I am tempted to split the $199 "Family Pack" (5 licenses) with one of my fellow recent PowerBook purchasers...

[Image courtesy of wmdc]

My new PowerBook arrived. As Mark Morford tells us, even the packaging is good.

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