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I guess the pricey gallery website provider exhibit-e has heard of my ArtCat hosting business for artists and galleries. They are buying ads on the keyword "artcat" so that their ad appears when people Google it.


File storage and bandwidth are unlimited for all web sites hosted at ArtCat.

We stopped measuring storage space and bandwidth used by individual sites some time ago, but I realized that I never announced that or updated the text on the website. Now I have!


When I first started ArtCal in 2004, ArtCat web hosting for artists already existed. The latter doesn't stand for anything, but ArtCal was suggested by a friend as short for "Art Calendar."

Given the fact that I have trademarked ArtCat, and I own the .com for it, I always meant to consolidate everything -- artist and gallery web hosting, the calendar, and the zine, into one brand with interlinked sites, and now I have! As part of a redesign for the new Culture Pundits advertising format, I worked with the brilliant artist and designer Michael Mandiberg to come up with a new look.

We are still tweaking the design, but go check it out. I'm quite happy with it.

[Watch for changes to this blog and James's as well in the next 24 hours.]

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