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See! I told you to go. Time Out NY loves it. We're seeing it tonight (Thursday).

Yet no mere catalog of the show’s selling points can do justice to its overall effect. Some of the stories involve the seemingly insignificant disappearance of small objects; others treat the loss of graver things like language, parts of dead bodies and, in Friedman’s songs, romantic attachment. These disparate tales are crafted into a mosaic whose abstract design is visible from afar, yet whose constituent parts retain their particularity. At once erudite and democratic, Gone Missing is not merely a witty, quick-footed and entertaining evening of theater; it is also a finely tuned inquiry into the nature of memory that manages to be forward-looking at the same time. Gone Missing’s links between past and present provide clear evidence of evolution in the world of modern theater. Miss it and weep.

I wrote about this excellent short work when we saw it in March. Now there is another chance to see it. It will be the best five bucks you spend this summer!


The Hellenic Laboratory, a collection of works of Greek drama, poetry, and philosophy, continues for one-night only!

Monday, June 25th @ 7:30pm, Tickets only $5
The Kitchen 512 West 19th St (btw 10/11 Ave)
To reserve tickets call 212-255-5793 ×11

(more) MEZE, an evening of five short pieces to whet your appetite


"I Gave It Away"
Maria Dizzia, Jennifer R. Morris, Alison Weller
The Belt Theater
Photograph: Leslie Lyons

The Civilians are presenting Gone Missing at the Barrow Street Theatre (Barrow at Seventh Avenue) starting tonight. We've seen several incarnations of the play, and can't wait to see it again. I wrote about one performance in 2003. Note that the MP3s are gone since my bandwidth was getting killed from people hot-linking to my various files.

Here is a discount offer for friends of bloggy. Go to Broadway Offers and enter the discount code GMEMX24. That almost makes up for the extortionate fees Telecharge gets away with -- including a fee to email you a PDF of the tickets! The total charges were 25% of the $75 ticket price for 3 people! Check out this image:


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