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Given the recent Scooter Libby trial, now seems like a good time to mention a short theater work that James and I saw last month as part of Target Margin's season of plays inspired by classical Greek works. The theme of the play was scapegoats, and the title was "Taking One for the Team". It managed to blend the stories of Iphigenia, Scooter Libby, plus others into a short sharp piece. It was created by the sound artist Michael Kraskin in collaboration with the cast. I loved the final speech of Iphegenia, inspired by a text of Euripides. In it she talks of how her sacrifice, and that of other Greeks, is necessary to show that the Greeks are civilized, and their enemies are barbarians.

Thanks to that production, I discovered the podcast he has been doing with David Terry since late 2005, titled Catalogue of Ships, with the title inspired by Homer's "Iliad". Thanks to the power of Odeo, I'm embedding a few of my favorite episodes so far. I've been listening in order, and I'm only through the first year so far. If you like Robert Ashley or Mikel Rouse, I think you'll like these.

I chose Episode Three for its really beautiful sound design.

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Episode Four tells the story of David Terry in Greece in October 2001, and his attempt to cheer up some Afghan refugees with some song and dance.

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