Excerpts from Robert Ashley's "Perfect Lives"

Did you catch the (textual) Allen Ginsberg reference near the beginning?

James and I re-watched the DVD for this tonight. Visit the composer's site for a synopsis. We both consider him one of the great geniuses of 20th century music, and think he should be much more famous.

I've never heard of him. Just ordered "Dust" from Amazon. Thanks.....C

Cool! Glad to hear it, Colin. I saw the premiere of that opera here in NY.

pretty amazing, barry - and agree that more people should know his work.

Never noticed before, but he's on the composers' list form the NPR series "American Mavericks". I've picked up works from about a dozen artist from this list and have yet to be disappointed.....C


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Published on May 11, 2010 12:35 AM.

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